About Bryn

I always knew I was sensitive and remember first communicating with the spirit world when I was 8 years old. After many years working as a marriage and family therapist with children in schools, I received a clear message that my purpose is to help people on a spiritual level through channeling and mediumship. 

Doing readings for thousands of people has taught me so much about life, death and why we’re here. I believe our purpose is to live our divine truth. To do that, we must heal ourselves from limiting beliefs so we can align with our intuitive self. That beautiful alignment will guide us towards our soul’s purpose.

The readings I offer are channeled messages from your team of spirit guides, angels and lost loved ones. My intention is to bring clarity to your struggles and help you understand how to heal yourself and follow the path of your heart. I use energy work and Theta Healing to work with the subconscious beliefs that are no longer serving you to clear the path forward. My approach is gentle, loving, and clear.