individual and Group Channels


Individual sessions are 30 minutes long, and are a combination of channeling, mediumship, and energy healing work. All individual sessions are done over the phone. These sessions are a way to go deeper into something that you are working through, or receive a longer and more detailed session. These are powerful readings that can bring insight, clarity, and healing. These sessions will be recorded and emailed to you if you choose.



A group channel is a 60 minute live call with up to 6 participants. Bryn will give a 5 minute individual reading to each person in the group, and the rest of the group gets to listen and receive the messages of everyone's reading. You'd be surprised at the amount of powerful insight that can come through in these sessions! These calls are anonymous and only the first name of each participant will be shared. This experience is great for someone who has never received a reading before or for those who have experienced readings many times. You can do this alone, or for a more powerful experience you can sign up with a friend or family member and experience their reading as well. The calls will be recorded and shared with each participant so you can listen to your messages after the session. *One person per spot, please. You may purchase multiple spots only if if they are for other people. If there are less than 6 people signed up the length of your reading will stay the same, and the length of the call will just be shorter. If there is only one person signed up for the call, there is a chance it may be rescheduled.


Why a group channel?

The group experience is sacred and there is power and healing in doing this as a collective. Also, because there is so much information that is channeled in the 5 minutes, the reading is easily digestible and you can integrate the messages more quickly into your life. It is likely that you will relate to a message that is shared for another person on the call, and participants are encouraged to stay and listen to all the readings if they choose. At the end of each call there is a healing meditation and energy work done on the whole group. This work is intended to clear each participant of what is no longer serving them.



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If there are no open sessions, it is because they are full. Please check back!