My name is Bryn O’Connor and I am an Intuitive Channel, Medium and Educator. I am fortunate and honored to be able to share my intuitive gifts with you.

Growing up in Southern California, I was a very sensitive girl and experienced emotions very intensely. I didn’t know how to integrate my sensitivities, and at a young age I found ways to self-medicate. That led me down a road of destruction, depression and lots of therapy.

Through my healing process I decided to help support others who were suffering and become a therapist, myself. In 2006 I received my Master’s of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Southern California. I worked in public schools for 5 years and treated children, adolescents and families. in 2009, I became pregnant with my first son and started offering channeling and mediumship sessions to friends. I realized quickly that I could work through in one hour what would have taken over 6 months as a traditional therapist. Before I knew it, I had a full-time practice as an Intuitive Reader. 

In 2013 I became a certified Theta-Healer, a technique that dramatically changed my life and the lives of my clients and friends. Theta Healing works by reprogramming the generational belief systems held in the subconscious. My sessions include this style of energy work in addition to channeling and mediumship. 

I took a significant "sabbatical" from my work after I had my second son in 2015. This time helped me develop a self-care routine that has grounded me and enhanced my sensitivities, and this has helped me expand my work. I realized that the best way I could be of service to others was to teach them what I know, so I started teaching classes and workshops about developing your sensitive nature, as well as training healing practitioners in the art of Channeling. I also offer group channels, and teach meditation classes to children and businesses. 

My favorite role is being a mom to my 2 sons and enjoying time with my husband. I love to read and cook, sing, be around friends, and practice yoga. My favorite place in the world is Hawaii!  


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Bryn O'Connor is a Professional Channel, Educator, and trained mental health therapist. Bryn's offerings are grounded, wise, insightful, and open you up to the divine purpose of your life.