Group channel information

Each session brings together a group of people to experience a combination of channeling, mediumship, and energy work focused on clearing thoughts and beliefs that are no longer serving you and offering you the insights you need for self growth.

Bryn shares the messages she receives to offer insight and clarity about difficult situations in your life, and helps you remember your own intuition. Reclaiming your intuitive power is the key to self-healing and awareness. 

What is a group channel? A group channel is a live call with 10-12 participants. Bryn will give an individual reading to each person in the group, and the rest of the group gets to listen and receive the messages of everyone's reading. These calls are anonymous and only the first name of each participant will be shared. This experience is great for someone who has never received a reading before or for those who have experienced this many times. You can do this alone, or sign up with a friend and experience their reading as well. 

Why group channels? The group experience is sacred and there is power and healing in doing this as a collective. Also, because there is so much information that is channeled in the 5 minutes, the reading is easily digestible and you can integrate the messages more quickly into your life. Often times, the group channels tell a story that weaves everyone together reminding us that we are all one.  Each reading will be recorded so you can listen to the information again. 

group channel SESSION, remote

These group channels will be 60-75 minutes in length, depending on the size of the group. Each person will have a personal reading lasting 4-5 minutes. Each participant may ask a question or offer a topic in their life they'd like insight on, or they can see what message comes through from Spirit. The participants are encouraged to stay on the call because often times a message may come through for another person that also resonates with them. There will also be energy work and group messages channeled at the end. Each group session will be recorded and only the first name of each participant will be shared. These will be held on Zoom and can be accessed through phone or computer. You'd be surprised the amount of powerful insight that can come through in these sessions! Payment is required at the time of purchase to reserve your spot. There are no refunds, unless you cancel 48 hours in advance and your spot can be made available to someone on the wait list. If you can't attend your group channel that you purchased, you can always transfer it to someone else as long as they are open to the experience and I have their name and information 24 hours prior to the session. 


bryn is not doing individual sessions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ever.