Bryn is a-mazing! Her classes are very informative, clear, and powerful. She is empathetic and interested and it is obvious she is passionate about sharing her gifts with others. I’ve experience Bryn channeling a number of times and every time what comes through is authentic and accurate. EVERYONE needs to experience Bryn and her classes! It is truly life changing!  L.V.K. 

I met Bryn O'Connor in 2012 after experiencing a traumatic "life altering" attack. I have worked with Bryn ever since; both in personal and in group healing settings. I must say that they are equally powerful. I have been on Yoga Retreats where she has been a guest teacher and I have participated in her studio Workshops. Bryn's unique gift to connect and relay clear and valuable messages from something greater is both inspiring and mind blowing. I am eternally grateful for this woman and her sensitive intuition. Her gift has aided in my many layers of healing. K.D.  

I have had the pleasure of attending the "Be Intuitive" sessions conducted by Bryn O'Connor for the past few months and have been gifted with enhanced skills in receiving, recognizing and applying intuitive guidance in my daily life. Recommend for anyone with an open mind and heart who desires to better connect with all the loving guidance that the universe has to offer us.  J.P. 

Bryn has a masterful way of putting me at ease, generating a deep trust, and gently revealing a view that I have difficulty accessing on my own.  Her intuitive abilities have gracefully unveiled parts of myself I'd covered or ignored or felt confused by.  Bryn has helped me to listen to and understand my own inner voice and empowered me to trust myself first.  She skillfully reminds me that I'm surrounded by support and love and everything I need to find the answers I seek. Whether an individual session or a group experience, Bryn has the professional training and innate insight to bring to light parts of ourselves that contribute to the highest and best for all.  I highly recommend an experience with Bryn. J.M.